Supply chain trade

Jingyi shares are approved as the first batch of "pilot enterprises in Guangdong supply chain management", the supply chain trade is mainly based on the company's copper processing business upstream and downstream customer needs as the core, the use of listed companies platform resources integration capabilities to "a revenue share , The development of their own "supply chain trade direct one-stop service, build procurement platform, sales platform and logistics platform to help enterprises from raw material procurement to product sales throughout the supply chain management, operation. Help enterprises within the supply chain to speed up the operation speed, reduce operating costs and operational risks, and through the supply chain services to help enterprises improve the governance mechanism and improve the sense of operational awareness and level, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Competitiveness and advantages
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  •  Competitiveness and advantages
  • Rapid response to financial needs to help enterprises improve turnover, lower operating costs to achieve a higher level of customer service, expand business sales, improve corporate profitability, improve operational capacity, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.
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  •  Competitiveness and advantages2
  • By helping enterprises to do a good job purchasing cash flow, bill flow, logistics management, to help customers prevent risks, improve the efficiency of the use of funds and the use of quality.
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  • Competitiveness and advantages3
  • Fine arts have a good market resources, credibility, goodwill and good qualifications, and upstream and downstream customers have more bargaining power and integration capabilities, a wider channel.
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  • Competitiveness and advantages4
  • With the fine arts cooperation, fine arts will output their own accumulation of management mode, market experience, from the management, finance, legal, financial and other angles continue to help customers standardize the development.
Accurate, efficient, and shared supply chain services