Copper processing business
      Jingyi shares is "China's top ten copper pipe business", with Guangdong Shunde, Anhui Wuhu two major production base, with large-scale, all products, new technology, excellent quality, fast response and other advantages. For many years to become well-known brand customers strategic partners and core suppliers. Currently has five independent research and development, with the core intellectual property rights advanced continuous casting and rolling precision copper production line, the technical level reached the international advanced level, with an annual output of about 70,000 tons of brass production capacity.
      Copper processing business is divided into precision copper and brass deep processing, precision copper mainly refers to the use of high efficiency heat transfer copper (including internal thread copper tube, micro heat pipe), communication with long coaxial RF cable copper and microwave Brass tube with brass tube; brass deep processing mainly refers to the refrigeration industry with precision copper parts and gas industry with copper parts.
      The company's core customer base is concentrated in the empty foot refrigeration, communications and other industries.
Industry Base
Wuhu copper processing base

  Pearl River Delta region is China's home appliance and electronic components industry, one of the most developed areas, and has become an important global appliance and electronic components manufacturing base. The company is located in China's home appliance industry base - Shunde, with close to the regional advantages of the market, and in the region has a high market visibility.
      Since its inception, the company will focus on the market's high-end customers in the Pearl River Delta, the company's production capacity and financial constraints, the rest of our country and the huge market participation in the international market less. In 2006 the company 99% of the products sold in the domestic market, in the domestic market, nearly 90 percent of products sold in southern China, East China market, the North China market and foreign markets are gradually being developed.
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